How To Build A Shelf For Microwave and Toaster Oven

You can mount your toaster oven and microwave above each other or under each other. To mount them over the wall oven, you will need a small space for ventilation. However, you can also create a drawer that pulls out to allow easy access to the appliances. Alternatively, you can create a custom-made pull-out shelf to install it under counter tops or cabinets. This way, you can have them both within reach, and not in your way.

It is a great way to have them out of the way and still be able to use them. Installing a shelf does not require much technical expertise and is a great way to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing.

Storage options

When you’re looking for a space to keep your toaster oven and microwave, one of the best options is to build a wall cabinet. This will allow you to keep your items close by, but it also leaves you with more counter space. For an even better solution, consider building a floating microwave shelf with closed doors. Not only will you have more counter space, but you’ll be able to maximize your storage efficiency.

You’ll need to check the structure of your wall before you start construction, and it will depend on the dimensions of your microwave and toaster oven. A standard shelf for a microwave is 16.7 inches wide, while the one for a toaster oven is 24″.

Stacking a toaster oven over a wall oven

It is possible to stack a toaster oven over your wall oven as long as you have adequate clearance between the two appliances. A custom shelf, preferably one that includes an insulating layer, is the best solution to stack them. While a trim kit is necessary, it will also ensure a proper fit inside the cabinet. If you want to stack the ovens, however, you need to make sure that they are plugged into different power sources.

One of the biggest advantages of having two appliances is the energy efficiency. Both toaster ovens and wall ovens use radiant heat. It is advisable to consider these differences before you buy one. While toaster ovens can cook smaller items, wall ovens are much larger and provide a more flexible cooking space. Besides, they are more convenient to use, making them a great option for cooking large meals.

If you’re not averse to having an additional appliance in the kitchen, consider getting a double oven. This way, you can use the space for other things, such as a microwave. You can also use your pantry cabinets to balance the depth of the double oven. Refrigerators are usually much better insulated than older models. So, you won’t have to sacrifice space for a double oven.

If you’d like to stack the two appliances over a wall oven, there are two options. You can mount a mobile freestanding shelf, which will make it more accessible. And, you can also use a wall-mounted shelf to keep the toaster oven away from other appliances in the kitchen. Stacking the two appliances will make them easier to access, too. And, you’ll be able to use them both simultaneously!

When buying a wall oven, make sure you’re aware that it’s not a do-it-yourself project. Always take measurements of your kitchen before buying a wall oven, and always check that you have sufficient space for it. Also, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper electrical connections – some experts recommend consulting an electrician. And, once you’re sure that everything’s set up and working properly, you’re ready to go!

A wall oven is generally larger than a toaster. It’s about the size of a full-sized traditional oven. The average size of a wall oven is between four and five cubic feet. It’s big enough to fit a whole turkey! But, if you only need to cook for yourself, a 2 to three-cubic foot wall oven will do the trick.

Adding a pocket door to hide a microwave

Adding a pocket door to hide snazzy appliances can give you back valuable counter space, but is it worth the effort? There are several ways to hide your microwave, including installing it in the pantry. Unlike the conventional counter microwave, this appliance can be hidden away without compromising ventilation. However, if you are not a DIY type, you will need to hire an installer to complete the job. Fortunately, the installation process isn’t as complicated as it may seem. If you’re handy with a few tools and an extra set of hands, this is a relatively easy project.

Using a custom-made microwave cabinet is a smart way to conceal several small appliances. A kitchen like this from Blakes London hides a toaster, a coffee maker, and a tea kettle. The door slides into a pocket and does not protrude into the kitchen, which is a bonus. In addition to the oven, this cabinet also includes counter space.

It’s possible to position the microwave above other appliances to minimize the amount of space required for it. For example, the BHG kitchen conceals its microwave with a folding door and a blender. The latter is placed above a food processor, making the space underneath the microwave available for other kitchen appliances. An equally smart solution involves hiding the microwave behind cabinetry with retractable doors. Remember, however, that a pocket door needs to remain open while the microwave is in use.

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